Is 30 Minutes Of Workout Enough Per Day?

Is 30 Minutes Of Workout Enough Per Day?

Working out for thirty minutes per day might not appear like much, however it can be the most effective way you can maintain the healthy lifestyle. Actually, American Heart Association suggests that the adults engage in 150 minutes of the moderate-intensity physical activity or at least 75 minutes of the vigorous aerobic activity every week. It translates to around 30 minutes of workout every day and five days in a week. If you are looking to stay fit and healthy, check out top picks for ED testosterone boosters.

Doing High-Intensity Workout

Though many people might think that they have to spend several hours at a gym every day to find effective results, research has also shown that the shorter and intense workouts will be very effective. Actually, studies have also found that the high-intensity interval training workouts that last between 20 to 30 minutes, will lead to the significant improvements in their cardiovascular health & overall fitness.  Slowly increase the duration and you will see effective results.

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Effective Workout Routine

Obviously, effectiveness of 30-minute workout depends on type of exercise done. For instance, 30-minute session of the high-intensity resistance training will be highly beneficial than half-hour on your treadmill at the moderate speed. In addition, including other healthy habits such as balanced diet & adequate sleep will help to maximize various benefits of the shorter workout routine. If you want to lose weight quickly and want to follow a proper routine, you must slowly increase the intensity of your work out. It will help you in a long run.

Final Words

Finally, the key to success with regular exercise is the consistency. When you consistently engage in 30 mins of the physical activity every day will be the best way you can maintain your overall health & wellness. But, it is very important that you listen to your body as well as avoid pushing yourself very hard, since overexertion will lead to injury and burnout. With the balanced approach and commitment to the regular exercise, working out for only 30 minutes per day will be sufficient to achieve the fitness goals.

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